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Improve your male vitality and erectile power.

Higher, Stronger, Faster.

Gel formula

The improved formula of Vialis 2 Orall Jelly will allow you to reach the power you are looking for when you need it.

Receive your new Vialis 2 Oral Jelly formula in our discreet packages, including up to 10 individual packaged doses of power.

*Results may vary.

Oral formula

Simple and fast, swallow the content of a jelly packet, a capsule or a couple drops and everything else will happen in a natural way.

Fast and efficient

Do not miss the magic moment! Our new and improved liquid formula and capsul formula will help you achieve the desired effects faster and keep it longer.

Individual packaging

Each complete box contains 10 doses of Vialis 2. Each dose will give you up to several hours of erectile power.


This product may not be suitable for you. Consult a health professional before consuming. The results may vary. May cause increased blood pressure for some people and is not recommended for anyone with heart problems.