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How to pay using
Interac E-Transfer

Add us as a recipient

Step 1: Log into your online banking account

Step 2: Locate the E-Transfer process. Can be under ‘Tranfers/Payments’

Step 3: Add “Vialis2” as a recipient:

  • Click ‘add recipient’ or ‘add new’.
  • Add ‘Vialis Canada’ as the name.
  • Make sure to use as the email adresse.
  • Click ‘add’ to finish adding Vialis to your recipient list.

Send the money to pay for your order

Step 4: Once you have added “Vialis2” as a recipient, send us the amount for your order.

  • Select ‘Send Money’ from the Interac E-Transfer section of your online banking account.
  • Enter the amount of your order in the ‘Amount’ field.
  • Select “Vialis2 ” as your recepient.
  • In the security question field enter “your order number” given to your after completing an order.
  • Make sure the answer of the security question is “vialis2”.